The number one area that any online Mistress will target as she inflicts pain and suffering on an unfortunate slave is for his cock and balls. The most sensitive part of his body, where even the slightest tap can cause unspeakable pain, it stands to reason that to maximise her efforts and ensure that her sub knows exactly who is in charge and that she can do exactly as she pleases she will target this area.
There are hundreds of superior females online and each one knows exactly where to hit a guy to make him suffer.

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They are all experts in the area of CBT and the depths of their imagination knows no bounds. You will quake and cower in their presence as they sit grinning sadistically at you while you stand with your pathetic dick and nuts exposed for them to look at and figure out just how they want to hurt them and cause you the most damage.
The most popular thing these femdom Mistresses do is have their subs tie the balls up with string. Winding it tighter and tighter round your shaft and nut sack, tying it in a bow and them winding it round again till it is so tight your member starts to turn blue. Then she will have you hit it with a wooden spoon. Harder and harder, she will not let up till you are almost crying and even at that she might not stop. She will make you keep hitting your poor abused nuts till you are literally on your knees begging her to stop. She might also order you to put cloths pegs on as well. Attaching these horrid bitey things, she will make you put more and more on till your penis is covered in them.

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Then, just when you think it can nit get any worse, she will have you attach more to your nuts. She’ll then make you stand there as she insults you or makes you flick them with your fingers. Then comes the fun part (for her any way) as she makes you yank them all off. Biting in and causing little nips, pretty soon the pain in your balls and dick will be intense but she won’t care. She just enjoys torturing you.
Maybe she will have you light up a candle. As you watch it slowly burn and see the hot wax drip and gather, your heart will be pounding as you know exactly what she will do when it is ready. Right there on femdom webcam she will have you pick up the candle and tip hot, burning candle wax all over your cock and bollocks. The burning sensation causing you to winch and flinch, the cruel mocking laughter from this female dominant will fill the air. Pouring that wax all over your junk is bad enough but as it cools and sticks, she will have even more fun by making you peel it off nice and slowly! Maximising your suffering is what these live powerful women do best

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If you have a tens machine (cheaply bought for $20 from a pharmacy) then she will have great fun having you attach the sticky pads to your nuts and then toying with you as she makes you hover over the on button. Nice and low at first and then gradually ramp up the force of jolts you receive till you are jerking uncontrollably. Then she will have you turn it right up till you are doubled over and laying on the ground gasping and pleading to be allowed to turn it off. She will not allow it of course. It is far too much fun for her to hear you pain and scream in pain.
These are just a few examples of how an online Mistress webcam Domme might conduct a live cbt cam session. By using the free chat facility, you can tell her what you have and what equipment you can use in your session. Then when you enter the private area, she will be able to conduct a cock and ball torture session that your nightmares are made of. These are sadistic, mean bitches on cam and they revel in the humiliation and suffering of inferior males. Sexy Blond Mistresses are waiting to chat with you live


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It is a common and well known fact that most men prefer blonds and find them to be the sexiest and most gorgeous. They are the types of women that most men lust after and fantasise about. So it therefor stands to reason that the best and most ideal kind of female for teaching slaves that their cock and balls and definitely their orgasms, do not belong to them any more.

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They belong to Mistress. She and she alone decides when you can play with her property, for how long and whether you get to cum or not.
Tease and denial is a staple part of any sub/dom scenario. All men think with their cocks and when they are horny and need to cum, nothing else matters. With a stiff, rock hard and aching cock, a male will do ANYTHING for relief and will agree to anything a woman says at this point.
By using tease and denial cams, there are dozens of blond Mistresses online who are all experts in driving men to the brink of madness, edging them over and over again till they are desperate and nothing more than putty in her hands.
blond mistress webcamsAs soon as you enter her femdom cam chat room, her blonde hair will cause you to instantly be mesmerised as It shines in the light. Your eyes will be drawn to her high, tight cleavage and your cock will instantly spring to attention. No she will dictate that you slowly start to stroke it as she pushes her tits up close to the screen so you can see them in full high definition. Knowing how much you want them and want to touch, kiss and caress them is a powerful tool for this superior female to have. It turns you on to imagine doing all the things that real men would do to them. Ordering you to stroke faster and faster as she licks her lips and talks softly to you, do not mistake her niceness here for weakness. She knows exactly what she is doing. Teasing you till you start to gasp and groan. As your orgasm builds, you stroke more vigorously. Faster and faster and then when you are a mere 2 to 3 strokes from ejaculation, the words come out of her mouth for you to STOP.

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You’ll slump down as your cock throbs, desperate for the two more strokes to have relief but this powerful females will simply laugh at you till it calms down slightly, then have you stroke it again. Faster and faster till you are about to blow your load and then – STOP. You will probably cry out in anguish but she will not care. She will simply laugh and her long, shiny blond hair will dance and sway as she giggles at the look of sheer desperation in your face. Again, you will be ordered to wank. Orgasm control Is a favourite of all online Mistress Dommes because weak males are pathetic and so easy to control. Once you have their dick hard, you control them.

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Over and over you will edge yourself but never be granted the permission to cum. Your penis will ache, your balls will throb and your mouth will scream with the frustration and desperation.
Desperate for the cum command from this online blonde mistress you will be agreeing to absolutely anything for her to give you permission to orgasm. With the pre cum dripping from your cock, you will be in turmoil as she giggles. Leaning forward, her soft blond hair will fall forwards as she stares at your throbbing member.
At this point, she has you RIGHT where she wants you. She might let you cum or she might not. She might order you to send money to her account or to agree to dress up in woman’s cloths. The point is, you are completely at her mercy and you will want to spurt your little wiener so badly, you will agree.
Tease and denial cams are available online right now, hosted by sadistic, powerful females who revel in the torment and teasing of weak willed slaves and subs. Taking a male and driving him to the brink of insanity by denying him permission to shoot his load is a big turn on for blond women.


One of the most dominant and powerful types of Mistress is a shemale. With their superior strength and forceful nature, they are naturally dominant and with just the right amount of attitude, they are ideally placed to dominate, control and manipulate weak willed men.
With their big tits that can cause a male to go weak at the knees and huge cocks that are just begging to be sucked and caressed, they are ideally built for the art of domination. They love to dominate and control pathetic male slaves and make them worship their feet, kiss their ass and of course, suck their cocks.

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From the second you enter a live she male domination webcam room, you will know you are in the presence of truly superior females. They will be wearing tight fitting and low cut tops that show off their perfect round tits and with their long hair hanging down, you will be transfixed as you gaze upon their beauty.
As soon as you enter the private domination cam room, the serious stuff begins. As she stands up, you will see her tight clothing clinging to her body and the bulge of her huge cock will be prominent. Undoing their belt or hitching up their skirt, they will pull their panties to the side and allow their huge member to be free and erect. They will then order you to get close to the screen. So close you will practically be able to taste it. You will see the glistening of pre cum on their bulbous cock head as they order you to worship and adore their cock. Making you tell them how much you admire it, how much you wish you had such a superior dick and how you would like to take it in your mouth and suck them off. They’ll have you on your knees and make you open your mouth, ready to receive their powerful erect penis and to lick the head and take the shaft in your mouth in order to empty their balls.

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Or they will make you worship their feet. Holding their perfectly manicured toes and soft, smooth feet up to you, they will make you lick and kiss them. Running your tongue between each toe and taking their flawlessly manicured tootsies and gently taking them on your mouth and sucking and nibbling on each on. Toes are an incredibly sensitive part of the body and all the shemale Mistress webcam Dommes love to have a slave on his knees and worshipping their feet and toes.
Or perhaps they will pull their skirt up and lie face down on the bed and put a pillow under them so their ass is protruding out and upwards and have you worship that instead. Making you kiss each cheek and licking the crease at the top of their leg to make them tingle. Forcing a male slave to worship their big round ass is a great way for a tranny femdom to demonstrate her superior attitude and personality. Making him admire and respect it. Parting their cheeks so you can get your tongue deep in there to fully put you in your place and know that you are not worthy of being in their presence. That you are nothing but a lowly, pathetic slave who’s only purpose in life is to serve your superiors.
Transsexual domination live is a fantastic way for submissive males like you to worship and serve at the feet of a superior, powerful tgirl online. There are dozens available and each one knows the perfect way to control and over power you till you are nothing but a quivering little man, kneeling in the corner and cowering in their attendance, ready and waiting to follow orders and do as you are told. From cock sucking to foot worship, these tranny dommes know exactly how to dominate useless male slaves.


As lots of subs and slaves will tell you, the strictest Dommes to submit to are the mature dominas. A lifetime of experience of dealing with snot-nosed bratty kids and perfecting the art of finding the most suitable punishment has made them experts at controlling male slaves. Most men are nothing more than overgrown children any way so an older woman is the best to keep them in line and can deal with them most effectively.

One of the best places to find mature dominas is online. There are lots of websites that offer a webcam to webcam domination session and they all have lots of 40+ females on there who love taking submissive males and taking them down a peg or two.
With their stern, no nonsense glares, their high cheekbones that visage authority and a powerful sense of dominance that oozes from their whole demeanour, the older dommes online are ideally placed to train and mold all males who need to be controlled.

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Standing before her so she can see you, you will instantly be regressed to being the naughty little boy standing in front of his mother about to be put over her knee for a sound spanking. This is why most men prefer mature femdom webcams. With her still tight older body clothed in leather or pvc or even just a tight t shirt, she will have you in a cfnm environment as you stand before her naked and embarrassed. With your tiny cock no doubt erect, she will scold and belittle you and insult you while you stand there and take it.
Aged Dominatrix have a tone of voice that straight away demands respect and obedience. The way they speak to you will instantly have you on your knees and kissing her feet or licking her boots. They are not to be messed with and nothing other than complete and utter compliance to any thing they demand will suffice.
Finding a mature femdom host to control you could not be easier. There are hundreds of them on this site and they are all experts in how to control and manipulate naught little boys. Any and all flashes of arrogance or disobedience will result in swift and harsh punishments.
These aged dommes are strict, harsh and heart less and nothing less than 100% is sufficient for them. You will need to mind your Ps and Qs at all times and do exactly what is commanded without question, no matter how humiliating or degrading it might be.

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She might want you to put cloths pegs on your nipples and balls or dress you up like a little prissy sissy maid and serve her. Maybe she will be sick of your constant erections and lock your cock in a chastity or perhaps she will have you shove a butt plug up your ass and keep it there. The point is, it makes no difference what she decides to do to you. Your older Mistress rules the roost and decides what happens to you and when.
With a no nonsense attitude and a strong personality, older female dominants WILL break you and they will win the battle of wills if you try to defy them. With extreme knowledge and a sadistic streak, they will quickly find all your weak spots and exploit them to the max. They win in a battle of wills with a 3 year old. A snivelling, pathetic little slave like you will be no problem what so ever.
An aged Domme is not playing or pretending. They are genuine, life style dominants who firmly believe in the fact that women are superior to men. They will rigorously enforce the belief on you that you are inferior to them and that all men are born to serve.


Some of the most strict and severe Mistresses around are in the BBW variety. With their sheer imposing size and over powering personalities, they are not to be disrespected or disobeyed. They are not to be trifled with and when they give an order, they expect it followed to the letter. From the second you enter a bbw femdom cams session, you will be awe struck by her powerful nature and your over whelming urge will be to drop to your knees and instantly begin to worship her feet.

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Which ever area of bdsm interests you, if you want the best female domination session possible then a bigger woman is the Mistress for you. With their naturally dominant personality and no nonsense attitudes, they are ideally suited to the training and humiliation of all subservient and inferior males.
As soon as you enter the private femdom cam area, you will be instantly drawn to her massive cleavage. Like a hypnotic trance, you will be mesmerised and transfixed at her massive bobs as the jiggle and shake as she talks.

bbw redhead mistress, bbw mistress camsStraight away she will make you strip and stand before her. She will call you names like skinny bitch, weed body and skinny wimp. With her massive frame, she knows that size is power.
Standing up and hoisting her foot to the screen, she will place it close to you and order you to worship it. As you lean down you will get a view from beneath her thunder thighs and thick calves. With her fat blocking the light, she will stand and arrogantly watch you worshipping her foot. With her hands on her hips, her buffalo wings wings and large arms will completely over power any thoughts you have of resisting will be lost when you see her mean stare and pursed lips.
BBW mistress cam Dommes are all experts in how to properly dominate male slaves. They have a very wicked imagination and a heartless attitude that means they do not care how humiliating, degrading, painful or nasty the things they make or do to a slave. They are with out feelings when it comes to dealing with male creatures.

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All BBWs are imposing but to have one yell at you and berate you will you stand like a meek little rabbit caught in the headlights is a terrifying experience. With her huge frame, fat arms and midriff, these superior females are scary, frightening and over whelming all at the same time. What they say goes and nothing other than complete and utter obedience will suffice for them.
Their word is law and they will not have some skinny runt of a man disobey them or not do as he is told. You will belong to them from the second you enter the private femdom webcam area and your every waking thought will be of her and how you can become a better, more attentive slave to suit her needs.
Do not let their size fool you. Just because they are over weight does NOT mean that they can not torture and abuse you for extended lengths of time. They all have incredible amounts of stamina and can beat and whip you for hours on end with out having to stop. There is nothing they can’t do to you that some skinny model can do but with a bbw mistress it is worse because they are naturally dominant and not playing. They all believe firmly that males are inferior and that superior females should be in charge. They are mean bitches and what they say goes.
There are dozens of BBW cam dominas online and each one can give you the femdom session you deserve. As a weak, snivelling male sub it is your duty to submit to the strongest willed and harshest Mistresses and a bbw is the one for you

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