It is a common and well known fact that most men prefer blonds and find them to be the sexiest and most gorgeous. They are the types of women that most men lust after and fantasise about. So it therefor stands to reason that the best and most ideal kind of female for teaching slaves that their cock and balls and definitely their orgasms, do not belong to them any more.

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They belong to Mistress. She and she alone decides when you can play with her property, for how long and whether you get to cum or not.
Tease and denial is a staple part of any sub/dom scenario. All men think with their cocks and when they are horny and need to cum, nothing else matters. With a stiff, rock hard and aching cock, a male will do ANYTHING for relief and will agree to anything a woman says at this point.
By using tease and denial cams, there are dozens of blond Mistresses online who are all experts in driving men to the brink of madness, edging them over and over again till they are desperate and nothing more than putty in her hands.
blond mistress webcamsAs soon as you enter her femdom cam chat room, her blonde hair will cause you to instantly be mesmerised as It shines in the light. Your eyes will be drawn to her high, tight cleavage and your cock will instantly spring to attention. No she will dictate that you slowly start to stroke it as she pushes her tits up close to the screen so you can see them in full high definition. Knowing how much you want them and want to touch, kiss and caress them is a powerful tool for this superior female to have. It turns you on to imagine doing all the things that real men would do to them. Ordering you to stroke faster and faster as she licks her lips and talks softly to you, do not mistake her niceness here for weakness. She knows exactly what she is doing. Teasing you till you start to gasp and groan. As your orgasm builds, you stroke more vigorously. Faster and faster and then when you are a mere 2 to 3 strokes from ejaculation, the words come out of her mouth for you to STOP.

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You’ll slump down as your cock throbs, desperate for the two more strokes to have relief but this powerful females will simply laugh at you till it calms down slightly, then have you stroke it again. Faster and faster till you are about to blow your load and then – STOP. You will probably cry out in anguish but she will not care. She will simply laugh and her long, shiny blond hair will dance and sway as she giggles at the look of sheer desperation in your face. Again, you will be ordered to wank. Orgasm control Is a favourite of all online Mistress Dommes because weak males are pathetic and so easy to control. Once you have their dick hard, you control them.

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Over and over you will edge yourself but never be granted the permission to cum. Your penis will ache, your balls will throb and your mouth will scream with the frustration and desperation.
Desperate for the cum command from this online blonde mistress you will be agreeing to absolutely anything for her to give you permission to orgasm. With the pre cum dripping from your cock, you will be in turmoil as she giggles. Leaning forward, her soft blond hair will fall forwards as she stares at your throbbing member.
At this point, she has you RIGHT where she wants you. She might let you cum or she might not. She might order you to send money to her account or to agree to dress up in woman’s cloths. The point is, you are completely at her mercy and you will want to spurt your little wiener so badly, you will agree.
Tease and denial cams are available online right now, hosted by sadistic, powerful females who revel in the torment and teasing of weak willed slaves and subs. Taking a male and driving him to the brink of insanity by denying him permission to shoot his load is a big turn on for blond women.