The number one area that any online Mistress will target as she inflicts pain and suffering on an unfortunate slave is for his cock and balls. The most sensitive part of his body, where even the slightest tap can cause unspeakable pain, it stands to reason that to maximise her efforts and ensure that her sub knows exactly who is in charge and that she can do exactly as she pleases she will target this area.
There are hundreds of superior females online and each one knows exactly where to hit a guy to make him suffer.

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They are all experts in the area of CBT and the depths of their imagination knows no bounds. You will quake and cower in their presence as they sit grinning sadistically at you while you stand with your pathetic dick and nuts exposed for them to look at and figure out just how they want to hurt them and cause you the most damage.
The most popular thing these femdom Mistresses do is have their subs tie the balls up with string. Winding it tighter and tighter round your shaft and nut sack, tying it in a bow and them winding it round again till it is so tight your member starts to turn blue. Then she will have you hit it with a wooden spoon. Harder and harder, she will not let up till you are almost crying and even at that she might not stop. She will make you keep hitting your poor abused nuts till you are literally on your knees begging her to stop. She might also order you to put cloths pegs on as well. Attaching these horrid bitey things, she will make you put more and more on till your penis is covered in them.

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Then, just when you think it can nit get any worse, she will have you attach more to your nuts. She’ll then make you stand there as she insults you or makes you flick them with your fingers. Then comes the fun part (for her any way) as she makes you yank them all off. Biting in and causing little nips, pretty soon the pain in your balls and dick will be intense but she won’t care. She just enjoys torturing you.
Maybe she will have you light up a candle. As you watch it slowly burn and see the hot wax drip and gather, your heart will be pounding as you know exactly what she will do when it is ready. Right there on femdom webcam she will have you pick up the candle and tip hot, burning candle wax all over your cock and bollocks. The burning sensation causing you to winch and flinch, the cruel mocking laughter from this female dominant will fill the air. Pouring that wax all over your junk is bad enough but as it cools and sticks, she will have even more fun by making you peel it off nice and slowly! Maximising your suffering is what these live powerful women do best

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If you have a tens machine (cheaply bought for $20 from a pharmacy) then she will have great fun having you attach the sticky pads to your nuts and then toying with you as she makes you hover over the on button. Nice and low at first and then gradually ramp up the force of jolts you receive till you are jerking uncontrollably. Then she will have you turn it right up till you are doubled over and laying on the ground gasping and pleading to be allowed to turn it off. She will not allow it of course. It is far too much fun for her to hear you pain and scream in pain.
These are just a few examples of how an online Mistress webcam Domme might conduct a live cbt cam session. By using the free chat facility, you can tell her what you have and what equipment you can use in your session. Then when you enter the private area, she will be able to conduct a cock and ball torture session that your nightmares are made of. These are sadistic, mean bitches on cam and they revel in the humiliation and suffering of inferior males. Sexy Blond Mistresses are waiting to chat with you live


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