As lots of subs and slaves will tell you, the strictest Dommes to submit to are the mature dominas. A lifetime of experience of dealing with snot-nosed bratty kids and perfecting the art of finding the most suitable punishment has made them experts at controlling male slaves. Most men are nothing more than overgrown children any way so an older woman is the best to keep them in line and can deal with them most effectively.

One of the best places to find mature dominas is online. There are lots of websites that offer a webcam to webcam domination session and they all have lots of 40+ females on there who love taking submissive males and taking them down a peg or two.
With their stern, no nonsense glares, their high cheekbones that visage authority and a powerful sense of dominance that oozes from their whole demeanour, the older dommes online are ideally placed to train and mold all males who need to be controlled.

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Standing before her so she can see you, you will instantly be regressed to being the naughty little boy standing in front of his mother about to be put over her knee for a sound spanking. This is why most men prefer mature femdom webcams. With her still tight older body clothed in leather or pvc or even just a tight t shirt, she will have you in a cfnm environment as you stand before her naked and embarrassed. With your tiny cock no doubt erect, she will scold and belittle you and insult you while you stand there and take it.
Aged Dominatrix have a tone of voice that straight away demands respect and obedience. The way they speak to you will instantly have you on your knees and kissing her feet or licking her boots. They are not to be messed with and nothing other than complete and utter compliance to any thing they demand will suffice.
Finding a mature femdom host to control you could not be easier. There are hundreds of them on this site and they are all experts in how to control and manipulate naught little boys. Any and all flashes of arrogance or disobedience will result in swift and harsh punishments.
These aged dommes are strict, harsh and heart less and nothing less than 100% is sufficient for them. You will need to mind your Ps and Qs at all times and do exactly what is commanded without question, no matter how humiliating or degrading it might be.

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She might want you to put cloths pegs on your nipples and balls or dress you up like a little prissy sissy maid and serve her. Maybe she will be sick of your constant erections and lock your cock in a chastity or perhaps she will have you shove a butt plug up your ass and keep it there. The point is, it makes no difference what she decides to do to you. Your older Mistress rules the roost and decides what happens to you and when.
With a no nonsense attitude and a strong personality, older female dominants WILL break you and they will win the battle of wills if you try to defy them. With extreme knowledge and a sadistic streak, they will quickly find all your weak spots and exploit them to the max. They win in a battle of wills with a 3 year old. A snivelling, pathetic little slave like you will be no problem what so ever.
An aged Domme is not playing or pretending. They are genuine, life style dominants who firmly believe in the fact that women are superior to men. They will rigorously enforce the belief on you that you are inferior to them and that all men are born to serve.